Practical Nerdery Little projects and uncomplicated write-ups


Hello. My name is Maurizio. I live in Verolengo, a small town near Turin, Italy.

I am a software developer for a living, and wanna be technology writer.


I used to write Java code, but these days I’m mostly into Go and Python.

I love AWS and serverless technologies! These are the best tools to build little fun things like (serverless) bots that scrape data from websites and post on Telegram, Slack or Twitter.

For example, every morning I receive on Telegram:

  • the latest deals from Apple’s refurbished products
  • this week’s grades of my two kids
  • the daily PDF version of the newspaper my family is subscribe to

Other Fine Nerderies


I’m a believer in the great power of habits. They can shape your present and future selves. Atomic Habits and Better Than Before are great starting points.

Time Tracking

I’m also a big time tracking nerd (I track all of my time since 2016) using the Toggl service and a mix of tools on my desktop (alfred-toggl) and mobile platform (Timery).

The Setup

Some facts about the setup of this website include:


These days you can find me as @zmoog on Mastodon or Twitter.