Hello. My name is Maurizio Branca, and yes, this is an AI-generated image from some genuine picture in my photo library.

I live in Verolengo, a small town near Turin, Italy.

I am a software developer for a living, and I want to be a technology writer. I like Linux, Python, Go, coffee, and Wes Anderson movies. I love video games but buy far more than I play.



Practical Nerdery (this website)

I started blogging multiple times but never wrote more than a few posts before letting each attempt die slowly.

I will try something smaller this time, publishing TIL-style content on what I’m learning and working on.


These days you can find me as @zmoog on Mastodon, less often on Twitter since it has become a sad place. I sometimes post pictures of things that capture my attention on Instagram, but don’t hold your breath for the next ones.